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The information technology (IT) world continues to rapidly advance with the increase of technological developments and new products. The following articles will help you to navigate through the world of computers and technology.
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Migo PC Backup Review Lincoln NE

Overall, Migo PC Backup is a good data backup program in Lincoln. The backup process is easy, and more importantly, so is the restoring process. With additional features and simple functionality, PC Backup by Migo is a good data backup solution.

Microphone and Subwoofer Review Lincoln NE

In the following article, you will learn some information about microphone and subwoofer products in Lincoln. These products are from MXL Microphones and Electro-Voice.

Meridian 810 Reference Video System Lincoln NE

Displaying a 10-megapixel image requires special scaling, which is why Meridian developed the 810 scaler. Featuring Marvell's Qdeo video processing technology, it converts digital sources of 480i to 1080p to full 10-megapixel resolution.

MCE 8X Blu-ray Disc External Recordable Drives Lincoln NE

The MCE 8x Blu-ray Disc External Recordable Drive is a relatively speedy optical drive. Its USB 2.0 connection worked flawlessly, creating no expensive coasters during our testing. Its eSATA performance was no faster than USB and the drive couldn’t burn discs with Toast when connected in that way. If you intend to use the drive with USB, it’s worth a look.

M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Lincoln NE

Studio monitors tend to be bulkier than traditional 2.0 computer speakers—and considerably larger than the compact satellites used in most 2.1 systems—but that larger size lets them offer decent bass performance without the need for a subwoofer.

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13-inch MacBook/2.13GHz Lincoln NE

If price plays a greater role in a shopper's buying decisions during tough economic times, Apple's recent updates to its entry-level laptop in Lincoln, the $999 white MacBook, should help push some cost-conscious consumers over the laptop-buying fence.

Apple MacBook Pro Lincoln NE

The latest 17-inch MacBook Pro in Lincoln is by all measures a minor hardware upgrade over its predecessor, offering only slightly faster processor options and a bump in hard-drive capacity. The more significant change is the value you get for your money.

Art Explosion Publisher Pro Review Lincoln NE

Art Explosion Publisher Pro is fun and reasonably simple to use in Lincoln. The wide variety of templates, tools and options allow for virtually unlimited desktop publishing projects, and the intuitive screen controls and tutorials set Art Explosion Publisher Pro above the rest. Keep reading to learn more about this program’s features and what you can use it for.

AWicons Review Lincoln NE

Overall, AWicons is a good product for creating, editing and managing icons. This program supports over 20 languages and can store images in a wide variety of formats and sizes.

Babylon-Pro Oxford Review Lincoln NE

Babylon Pro will bring up definitions and synonyms at the blink of an eye. This is an excellent product for students or anyone who wants to improve their writing with a vast vocabulary. You can also purchase expansion programs in Lincoln so your dictionary will be multi-lingual.

Blogging Trends Lincoln NE

While researching Blog services we stumbled across some interesting and some not so interesting blogs. A number of people write about dull topics like the social life of their dust bunnies, whereas others write about controversial or motivating topics that inspire empathy and action.

Calibrating Video Displays Lincoln NE

Disable any room light sensor features in Lincoln, preset the black level, and preset the peak white level. This puts the video display into a normal operating range so that all other controls can be adjusted properly.

Creative Writing Software Lincoln NE

The right writing software in Lincoln can greatly aid any budding author on a quest to write a published work. Writing software won't write the stories for you, but a good program will help you along the way.

Dell Adamo Lincoln NE

The svelte-but-boxy Adamo comes in two colors, "Pearl" and "Onyx"--the latter made me do a double-take for a sec, since it looks eerily similar to the Envy 133. The difference is that this system's unibody design doesn't smudge up as much in your hands in Lincoln.

Dell's Latitude 2100 Lincoln NE

Dell's Latitude 2100 in Lincoln weighs approximately 2.9 pounds and measures 10.4 by 7.3 by 5.7 inches. And if you don't want your kids lugging that around, Dell proposes a solution for your school.

Digital Camera Scene Modes Lincoln NE

Have you ever noticed that many digital cameras have scene modes (sometimes called shooting modes) in their menus? There is usually quite a selection, but it's hard to know what exactly they should be used for in Lincoln.

DVD Formats and DVD Codecs Lincoln NE

Shopping for a DVD player in Lincoln can be confusing. Some are $25 while others are $200 or more. Essentially both the cheap and expensive players perform the same function: playing DVDs. However, the more expensive DVD players provide additional features like the ability to play CDs, recorded DVDs or DivX DVDs.

Faster and More Complex Viruses Lincoln NE

There is a villain in the computer industry that can strike fear into any company or individual that encounters it. It has been wreaking havoc in both the business and personal computer world for many years. Its frequency and intensity of attack is on the rise.

Flip UltraHD Pocket Camcorder Lincoln NE

If one were to seek a poster-child for pocket camcorders, you'd need look no further than Pure Digital's Flip cameras in Lincoln. These candy bar-style camcorders epitomize point-and-shoot video with their simple operation, easy connectivity, and emphasis on sharing video across the Web.

Fujitsu M2010 vs. Toshiba NB205 Lincoln NE

The netbook market is already pretty crowded, but today two more contenders enter the fray: Toshiba's NB205-310 in Lincoln ($400) and Fujitsu's M2010 ($449). Toshiba and Fujitsu are new to netbooks, they're no strangers to small machines.

Home Network Lincoln NE

Reader Steve Hawley is all too typical. His home network houses a mix of Macs and Windows PCs, an old 802.11b Linksys router in Lincoln connected to a cable modem, and a couple of Airport Expresses connected to sound systems around the house.

HP Mini 110 Lincoln NE

HP's newest netbook is an economy-class version of the company's popular Mini 1000 line in Lincoln. What corners get cut, and is this mini-laptop worth its weight? Read our first impressions.

Improving your PC Performance Lincoln NE

There are several small things that you should do to tune up your PC performance. First, clean. Get rid of all the spyware hiding on your machine.

Iomega eGo Mac Edition 500GB Lincoln NE

Well-detailed, shiny, and compact, Iomega’s eGo line of portable hard drives injects some style into a sea of grey brick-shaped external drives. Known for its iconic sleek designs, Iomega updated the eGo hard-drive line with improved speeds and more versatile connectivity (we tested the new 500GB eGo ). The eGo is light, portable, and only slightly larger than an iPhone. The drive weighs less than 7 ounces and easily can fit into your pants pocket. While the unit is sleek, it still has its design quirks.

JBL AE Series Lincoln NE

JBL Professional's new compact AE series loudspeakers provide more options for system designers and integrators in several applications.

JBL Control 25AV-LS Lincoln NE

JBL Professional introduced the Control 25AV-LS loudspeaker in Lincoln for applications where the music playback loudspeaker system also serves as the life safety system. The new loudspeaker is UL listed under UL1480/UUMW as a Fire Protective Signaling Speaker.

JBL Vrx932lA and Vrx918s Lincoln NE

While intended for smaller venues than JBL's larger VerTec series line array loudspeakers in Lincoln, the VRX932LA Constant Curvature Line Array is designed and built to the same high standards and uses the same advanced, concert-proven drivers.

Jeopardy for iPhone Lincoln NE

Jeopardy scores points for its clever customizable options in Lincoln. You can create your own avatar, adjusting various elements of your appearance until you’re satisfied. Even better, you can scrawl your own signature by hand, to better customize your podium. It’s a small but nice touch.

JVC Cameras' 360 Lincoln NE

JVC, a manufacturer of IP camera technology, is expanding its V.Networks line with the addition of the VN-V685U, the company's first Power-over--Ethernet (PoE) IP camera with pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) and 360-degree continuous rotation in Lincoln.

Kaloki Adventure for iPhone Lincoln NE

This tycoon game set in space captures the roller coaster feeling of having your business go gangbusters the one minute and then court disaster the next. Good graphics, a jazzy soundtrack, and nice features add to the fun.

KeepVault Backup Lincoln NE

By and large, installing KeepVault in Lincoln went smoothly. The only glitch was an option missing in the setup wizard, Back up all files in the selected folder, the importance of which will soon be evident. (The option is available from the settings page, but it did confuse the issue initially.) The four options offered in the initial wizard are Photo, Music, Home Movies and Video, and Documents. Unless you choose specific folders to protect, the basic categories of files you select are protected systemwide.

Kenwood 72x True-X Drives Lincoln NE

If you want to update your CD-Rom drive, then you should consider the Kenwood 72x True-X. To learn more about this program and how it will update your CD-Rom, read the following article.

KidsWatch Time Control Review Lincoln NE

Since computer use is practically a school requirement in Lincoln these days, efficient time and access control like KidsWatch is mandatory to keep kids on task and out of trouble. KidsWatch Time Control is competent, easy to use.

Kingmax DDR-333 PC2700 Memory Lincoln NE

With newer motherboards coming out all the time and faster chipsets being par for the course, there just has to be a way for memory to keep up. To following article is a review of a 256MB stick of Kingmax DDR-333 memory.

Kingmax PC166 SDRAM Lincoln NE

A CAS3 latency module running at 100MHz requires one extra cycle during its input and output cycles effectively slowing its performance compared to CAS2. A CAS2 module is able to perform both at higher speeds and with more stability because of this design enhancement. All you really need to remember is CAS2 is faster than CAS3.

Knomo Prague Laptop Bag Lincoln NE

The laptop bags in Knomo’s Carnaby collection , for example, are definite head-turners. Available in black or brown, the Carnaby bags come in three similar styles.

Kodak EasyShare W1020 Lincoln NE

Kodak’s W1020 digital photo frame stands out thanks to its image quality. The 10-inch frame, which displays at a 16:9 ratio, produced very good color accuracy in our tests. In addition, it retained a commendable amount of detail across highlights, midtones, and shadows when compared with our original photo files.

Konica Minolta Magicolor 1690MF Lincoln NE

Not surprisingly, the printer didn’t match the company’s speed claims in our timed tests (few printers, if any, do match the company’s ratings), but print speeds were zippy nonetheless. Our 10-page black-and-white Word document test took just 39 seconds for the 1690MF to complete.

Kramer HDMI-to-Coax Devices Lincoln NE

Kramer Electronics has introduced the 640T HDMI-Coax Transmitter and the 640R Coax-HDMI Receiver in Lincoln. The units are the smart additions to the company's TOOLS line of compact solution products, according to Kramer officials.

Kramer Switcher/Scaler Lincoln NE

Kramer Electronics announced the availability of the VS-808DS matrix switcher and scaler for composite video and unbalanced stereo audio signals. The 8x8 switcher/scaler allows users to simultaneously route any of its eight inputs to any or all of its eight outputs and a single scaled output.

LaCie d2 Blu-ray Professional BD-R Lincoln NE

If you’re looking to add an external optical drive to your Mac, the LaCie d2 Blu-ray Professional BD-R, BD-RE Drive in Lincoln is worth considering, especially if you have other LaCie d2 drives on your desktop.

Laptop Review Lincoln NE

If you are seeking a practical laptop, this article is right for you. Here are some of the long-lived laptop introductions from the well-know brands. Read on.

Laptops and Smartphones Lincoln NE

Have you ever wanted to ditch your clunky laptop in Lincoln? Perhaps you were meeting a client for dinner or friends at a bar after work. Or you were trying to catch a flight in the morning and had to fumble with your laptop at the airport security check.

Laser Keyboard Lincoln NE

Here you will find information and local resources in Lincoln, NE that will assist with Laser Keyboard. Get the information and expertise in Lincoln you are looking for Gary Katz DVD, Miter Saw, Virtual Keyboard, Laser Keyboard, QWERTY keyboard, PDA parts. Do the research before you make any investments or decisions regarding Computer Dealers. Our guides and resources will help you quickly and easily make an educated decision about Laser Keyboard.

Laser Projection for Consumer Use Lincoln NE

If you have seen a laser in a boardroom or movie theater, chances are that it was nothing more than a red dot coming from a pointer. But if proponents of laser projection have their way, the technology should start appearing in a variety of consumer and pro AV products in Lincoln.

Layers for iPhone Lincoln NE

Layers supports up to five layers at any one time in your painting, and if you find you need another, there's the option to merge down and free up space for a new one.

Lectrosonics DM1624 Digital Matrix Mixer Lincoln NE

The Lectrosonics DM1624 is a combination automatic microphone mixer, signal routing matrix, and digital signal processor in Lincoln that fits a wide range of applications. Two particularly neat features are the individual automatic feedback filters for each of the 16 input channels, and the ability to select whether an input is operated in auto-mix or direct mode for any of the 24 outputs.

LifeSize Video Communication System Lincoln NE

LifeSize Communications announced its high definition video communication system in Lincoln with a retail price less then $5,000. The LifeSize Express with the new LifeSize Focus integrated HD camera and microphone array, is available for a low price.

Lion Pride for iPhone Lincoln NE

Add Lion Pride to the ranks of excellent line-drawing games for the iPhone and iPod touch. This game, in which you keep a pride of hungry lions fed by drawing lines to their prey, features nice graphics, good sound, and plenty of fun.

LM-702HD Features Lincoln NE

The LM-702HD features high brightness, a wide viewing angle, HD color, and inputs for SDI (SD-SDI or HD-SDI) with an active looping output, analog RGBHV, YPbPr Component Video, Composite Video, YC. Front-panel Tally LEDs can be activated externally via the DB9 connector.

Logic Express 9 Lincoln NE

Like Logic Studio, Logic Express 9 offers some of Logic Studio’s marquee features—the Flex Tool for easily warping audio phrases and individual notes, the Amp Designer and Pedalboard features, which simulate amps, speakers, microphones, and pedal effects; Varispeed, for slowing down an entire project without changing the project’s pitch so that you can, for example, record a difficult solo.

Logic Studio Lincoln NE

Overall, Apple’s Logic Studio 9 introduces some significant headline features. There's an entirely new audio manipulation engine, allowing recorded sound to be reshaped in time. New models of amps and effect pedalboards emulate traditional guitar gear and open up new performance possibilities. MainStage has grown from a clever way to host instruments and effects to a more mature host, adding integration with other software, as well as playback, looping, and recording capabilities.

Logitech Speaker System Z520 Lincoln NE

The design of the Z520 in Lincoln is attractive as computer speakers go, and the speakers themselves feel solid and well-built—they’re surprisingly heavy, in fact. Each speaker is also angled upward significantly so that when placed on a typical desk, the tweeters will be aimed directly at the ears of the listener.

M80i Loudspeaker Lincoln NE

M80i two-way compact line-array loudspeaker and WMS 450 wireless system are introduced in the following article for those who are purchasing their own loudspeaker or acoustic equipments in Lincoln. Read on to learn more about these products.

M80X2-P Review Lincoln NE

A two-way, compact loudspeaker system, the M80X2-P uses two modules, each with a medium-format, 1-inch compression driver and a stabilized FlatWave Former wave-shaping device designed to deliver clear, penetrating high frequencies over a predictable and controlled coverage area.

Mac OS X 10.6 Server Lincoln NE

With Mac OS X 10.6 Server, Apple has made significant improvements to their server OS. Major new features like Address Book Server and Mobile Access Server complement the solid improvements in existing services. The addition of Push services for e-mail and calendaring finally allow Apple to more properly support its own iPhone product.

MacBook Pros Lincoln NE

With its lower price, the return of FireWire (woo-hoo!), longer battery life, better looking display and a new built-in SD Card slot that you can boot from, the newest member of the MacBook Pro in Lincoln makes an impressive debut.

MacBook Pro's Hard Drive Lincoln NE

.What confuses most people in Lincoln about this is the fact that in one hand you have a laptop, complete with drive, and, in the other, a raw drive with seemingly no way to move data to it without jacking it into the laptop.

Madden NFL 10 for iPhone Lincoln NE

Madden NFL 10 gets the spirit and feel of the Madden franchise right. Football fans new and old will enjoy the simple control scheme, addictive and action-packed gameplay, and true-to-life players, teams, and stadiums.

Magic Polyphonic Ringtone Review Lincoln NE

Magic Polyphonic Ringtone from Faspay Technologies, Inc. is an excellent ringtone program for those with compatible phone services in Lincoln. Using the program, you can compose ringtones from scratch or from a file.

MAGIX Ringtone Maker Review Lincoln NE

Ringtone Maker by MAGIX is a simple, powerful program for making ringtones from existing files in Lincoln. You can export files to just about anywhere, and MAGIX Ringtone Maker has outstanding help services to answer your questions.

Mailbox Or Drop Box Lincoln NE

If you can't get enough gaming at your house, you've probably already invested hundred if not thousands into your game collection. When you want bigger gaming variety without buying more, where can you go? Local rental selections, well, stink video rental shops may carry just a few dozen games for only one or two systems.

MailMe for iPhone Lincoln NE

It seems like my life revolves around managing an ever-increasing number of tasks. To help keep everything in order, I’ve come up with a pretty simple system involving Things , the awesome to-do list manager, and my email Inbox. (In honor of both productivity guru Merlin Mann and bad ’80s movies , I have dubbed my system “The Thing with an Inbox Less Than Zero.”)

Malware 2.0 Lincoln NE

A recent report from Websense, a provider of corporate Internet security solutions, estimates that "95% of comments to blogs, chat rooms and message boards are spam or malicious.

Marine Displays from Planar Lincoln NE

The LX0801PTI, LX1201PTI (shown), and LX1501PTI are the first marine display products in Lincoln for specialty display solutions provider Planar Systems.

M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Lincoln NE

Studio monitors tend to be bulkier than traditional 2.0 computer speakers—and considerably larger than the compact satellites used in most 2.1 systems—but that larger size lets them offer decent bass performance without the need for a subwoofer.

MCE 8X Blu-ray Disc External Recordable Drives Lincoln NE

The MCE 8x Blu-ray Disc External Recordable Drive is a relatively speedy optical drive. Its USB 2.0 connection worked flawlessly, creating no expensive coasters during our testing. Its eSATA performance was no faster than USB and the drive couldn’t burn discs with Toast when connected in that way. If you intend to use the drive with USB, it’s worth a look.

Meridian 810 Reference Video System Lincoln NE

Displaying a 10-megapixel image requires special scaling, which is why Meridian developed the 810 scaler. Featuring Marvell's Qdeo video processing technology, it converts digital sources of 480i to 1080p to full 10-megapixel resolution.

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary & Thesaurus Lincoln NE

Dictionary software is a perfect addition to anyone' s desktop and Merriam–Webster' s Collegiate Dictionary & Thesaurus is the best. Whether you are composing your master thesis or just trying to solve the daily jumble in your local paper in Lincoln, this program puts at your fingertips 225,000 words and more features than you can ever use. Learn all about it in this software review.

Microphone and Subwoofer Review Lincoln NE

In the following article, you will learn some information about microphone and subwoofer products in Lincoln. These products are from MXL Microphones and Electro-Voice.

Migo PC Backup Review Lincoln NE

Overall, Migo PC Backup is a good data backup program in Lincoln. The backup process is easy, and more importantly, so is the restoring process. With additional features and simple functionality, PC Backup by Migo is a good data backup solution.

Mini iPod Speakers Lincoln NE

There are times when you don’t want to don your headphones, and you want your music (or audiobook, podcast, recorded lecture, etc.) fill the air in your general vicinity. For that, you need a mini speaker in Lincoln.

Mitsubishi MegaView Video Wall Cube Lincoln NE

The MegaView video wall cube measures 80 inches diagonally and was designed specifically for large command and control centers in Lincoln. With SXGA+ resolution and a brightness of 190 cd/m2, it's well suited for data walls, especially in situations where viewers sit far from the screens.

Mobile Security Lincoln NE

Mobile malware has the potential to cause all sorts of damage to your phone, not to mention potentially having you incur huge bills for expensive calls made without your permission. The need to protect your mobile phone from viruses and malware is just as important (if not more so) than protecting your screen from scratches. With cell phone connectivity becoming so much easier via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it’s time you consider protecting your pocketbook.

Moments for iPhone Lincoln NE

Think of Moments, a $1 app from GetApp in Lincoln, as a virtual bulletin board for your iPhone or iPod touch. The sticky notes you paste in the app can act as simple reminders, short lists, or countdowns to the days to and from pre-determined events.

Monitor Hardware Performance with Perfgraph Lincoln NE

If you're the kind of person who likes to constantly monitor your hardware's performance, you'd do well to give the free Perfgraph a try. This simple tool runs in the taskbar, and monitors many different types of hardware performance, including CPU utilization, memory usage, CPU temperature, and more.

Monster Pinball for iPhone Lincoln NE

Pinball video games need a few key elements to come together to ensure that they’re fun and not frustrating. Monster Pinball nails them all: The physics are spot-on, the graphics are eye-poppingly stunning, the flippers and plunger are responsive, and the board layouts are eminently playable.

Moon Drop for iPhone Lincoln NE

It took me a few minutes to get good at controlling the pods, finding the right mix of longer taps vs. short bursts. But once you master the art of the gentle, centered landing, Moon Drop offers some nice, relaxed fun. As more and more pods appear at once that need simultaneous cajoling, the game gets more hectic—though, fortunately, not in a frustrating way.

MSI K7N420 Pro nForce Motherboard Lincoln NE

nVidia nForce chipsets are structurally sound, and are often compared to other chipsets. To see how it compared, read the following article on the MSI K7N420 Pro Motherboard.

MSI KT3 Ultra ARU Motherboard Lincoln NE

Both Intel and AMD processor platforms, at late, have gone through a load of chipset changes, and one of the latest chipsets for the AMD Athlon is VIA's KT333. The MSI KT3 Ultra ARU motherboard is based on the KT333, bringing DDR-333 to the Athlon.

MSI P6N SLI Platinum Motherboard Lincoln NE

With our second 650i SLI board we ask, whose is better, ECS or MSI? And do you need to spend extra for the 680i chipset? Find out right here in this article where we review both and tell you what we think of their performance.

Mushkin PC150 HSDRAM Lincoln NE

Mushkin Enhanced Memory Systems are known for producing fast, high quality RAM to around 45 countries worldwide. To read more about Mushkin and its PC150 HSDRAM, read the following article.

Music and Audio Formats for Multimedia Lincoln NE

You've found the perfect sound effect for your presentation in Lincoln, but it won't play. Or maybe you've got the best song for your home video but your software won't import it. These problems are more common than you think because different programs are compatible with different audio file formats.

Music Library Quiz for iPhone Lincoln NE

Think of Music Library Quiz as a version of the old built-in iPod game Music Quiz. The game is a fun way to test your knowledge of your music library, and a recent update has things humming along.

MYOB Business Essentials Lincoln NE

MYOB accounting software is excellent. This program includes easy-to-use sections and marvelous reports; you can easily build and send reports across the Internet on any topic, in any format. Also, MYOB has an extra feature called the Card File; here you can create detailed profiles for all your clients and contacts.

NAMM Products Lincoln NE

SLS Loudspeakers has introduced the 8290 multipurpose portable PA box for use in multimedia installations, and house and stage monitoring applications. The system incorporates a full-range, passive dual 8-inch design, with a multi-angled cabinet.

National Geographic Software Review Lincoln NE

Traverse the earth, explore cultures or view city lights from distant satellites through National Geographic 3D Globe. This program includes every aspect of geography from physical maps to complex social issues. Learn more about the features of this mapping software and what it has to offer you in Lincoln right here in this product review.

NEC Affordable Commercial LCDs Lincoln NE

NEC Display Solutions of America has introduced a family of commercial-grade digital signage displays with a new mechanical design, comprehensive input panels, and robust functionality.

NEC Bezels Lincoln NE

The X461UN can be combined with many of NEC's large-format accessories, such as the MPD-SBC-8/16-2 single-board computer, SB-I008WU DVI daisy-chain module, or SB-L007KK HD-SDI card. The add-ons provide a cost-effect means of sourcing and managing display content, says the company.

NEC Projector Lincoln NE

The NEC NEC2500S-A allows 3D content to use the full 2K resolution of the 1.2-inch DMD from Texas Instruments, using triple-flash technology for smooth motion. With an increase in resolution and brightness of up to 33 percent, compared to previous generations of the projector, the boost in performance should mean an improved viewing experience.

NEC Projector Brightens Boardrooms Lincoln NE

NEC Display Solutions of America rolled out a new projector to support the trend toward wide-screen notebook PCs used in more enterprises in Lincoln today. The NEC NP3151W is a 4000-lumen, high-brightness LCD projector for installation in boardrooms, training rooms, lecture halls, and meeting rooms.

NEC Projector Targeting Education Lincoln NE

NEC Display Solutions of America, provider of commercial and residential LCD and plasma displays and projectors in Lincoln, is specifically targeting its VT800 digital network-ready projector toward education and corporate settings.

NEC Projectors Lincoln NE

NEC Display Solutions of America has introduced two portable projectors for corporate and educational environments in Lincoln.

Network of AV System Lincoln NE

As AV and IT applications coverage and acquire the characteristics of each other, so too do the products themselves in Lincoln. AV gear takes on IT features, and networking hardware not normally considered AV equipment, suddenly is.

New Angles with Kite Photography Lincoln NE

A reader shares his experience using kite photography to take a picture of the Statue of Liberty. He describes what kind of material you need and how to proceed.

NFL 2010 for iPhone Lincoln NE

There's more than one football game for the iPhone. This offering from Gameloft also uses really players and teams. It's a different game from Madden NFL 10, more arcade-like with a few interface idiosyncrasies. But still, NFL 2010 is a lot of fun to play.

Night Camera for iPhone Lincoln NE

Night Camera in Lincoln adds many valuable features to the iPhone’s much-maligned camera, chiefly the ability to shoot photos in low-light situations.

Nikon D5000 Lincoln NE

This sub-1000 model brings many of the features found in the D90 to people in Lincoln who want a smaller, lighter, and more affordable SLR camera. The D5000 isn’t as rugged as the D90, and it’s slightly larger and heavier than the D60.

Nintendo DSi Lincoln NE

Nintendo puts in smart nips and tucks to its already-svelte handheld while adding a raft of useful multimedia features in Lincoln.

Norton Ghost Review Lincoln NE

Norton Ghost is an excellent disk imaging program. When it come to thinking about customer in Lincoln, Norton Ghost makes finding answers about their disk imaging process simple and easy. Norton can save you time and resources by allowing incremental backups.

Nucomm ProQ DTV IFB Receiver Lincoln NE

Nucomm, part of the Vitec Group's RF Systems business unit and a provider of digital and analog microwave systems for the broadcast industry, common carrier, cable, government, military, and international marketplace, said its new ProQ DTV IFB receiver could strengthen DTV signals and increase IP capabilities in Lincoln.

Occasions for iPhone Lincoln NE

My wedding anniversary is coming up next month. It’s an easy day to remember, especially this year—nine years ago, my wife and I got married on the ninth day of the ninth month. But I’m terrible with other dates, especially birthdays. Hand Carved Code’s Occasions app for the iPhone and iPod touch exists to prod me out of my absent-mindedness. And it actually does a pretty good job at it.

OCZ DDR Booster Lincoln NE

OCZ has an intuitive device called DDR Booster, which provides you with extra DIMM voltage up to 3.9 volts and a cleaner power supply to the memory. If you’re computer needs more RAM, read the following article to learn about OCZ DDR Booster.

OCZ Gladiator Heatsink Lincoln NE

The base and the fins of the OCZ Gladiator heatsink is made of copper. The shroud that covers the unit is aluminum, but its only purpose in life is to act as the medium for attaching the fan to the unit.

OCZ PC3500 DDR-433 SDRAM Memory Module Lincoln NE

Memory module speeds seem to be getting faster and faster each day with a handful of memory manufacturers pushing the limits. One such manufacturer is the provocative OCZ Technology, which created the PC3500 DDR-433 part.

Olympus Stylus 7000 Lincoln NE

The Olympus Stylus 7000 in Lincoln is a handsome compact camera featuring 12 megapixel resolution, 7x optical zoom, and a large 3-inch LCD. Because it’s so light, you can slide it into your top shirt pocket and barely notice that it’s there.

Online Video Game Rental Clubs Lincoln NE

Want to join an online game rental club? Here are some tips to get the most for your buck. Think about these suggestions when making your final decision on which online game rental club is right for you.

OpenMind Review Lincoln NE

OpenMind has an extremely low learning curve. Its ease of use is one of the best for project management software, and its different visual options (like Gantt charts and mind maps) offer any user in Lincoln a view he prefers for rapid productivity.

Opportunities in Video Surveillance Lincoln NE

Where there are problems, there are opportunities. That old maxim sums up video surveillance, where problems ranging from shoplifters to traffic jams are fueling a market that's already worth billions annually. Not surprisingly, many AV pros in Lincoln are looking to get a piece of that action.

Optimizing Teleconference Audio System Designs Lincoln NE

Linking multiple audio DSP boxes to act as a single virtual system for large teleconference system designs looks simple, but can present serious implementation challenges. The tip will make the most of your multi-unit system designs for video and audio teleconferencing applications in Lincoln.

OWC Mercury Pro 8X Blu-ray External Lincoln NE

If you’re looking for a new optical drive in Lincoln, and one that can burn high definition Blu-ray movies as well, OWC’s Mercury Pro 8X Blu-ray Pioneer BDR-203 External drive is worth a look.

Pac-Man Remix for iPhone Lincoln NE

Pac-Man Remix in Lincoln is an evolution of the pellet-chomping maze game that will leave purists cold, but offers some good challenge for people looking for new thrills.

PagePlus Software Review Lincoln NE

Our second pick and "TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award Winner" is PagePlus by Serif. If you're looking for a reasonably priced desktop publishing program to edit and lay out material in Lincoln, then PagePlus offers some great tools for creating professional-looking publications. Serif developed this software for the computer novice and the expert alike—with a handy control panel, creating quality publishing documents is made easy for anyone.

Paltalk Messenger Review Lincoln NE

Paltalk lets you explore worlds of subjects and throngs of people within thousands of chat rooms. Serious chatters will enjoy the diversity and endless possibilities. So, if you want to have a good conservation with friends online, read the article and you can know what kind of software you should pick up.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 Lincoln NE

You have to understand a few fundamentals of digital camera design to decide if Panasonic’s Lumix DMC-G1 is the right camera for you. Currently, the digital camera market is divided into point-and-shoot cameras and single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LS85 Lincoln NE

You can also select your scene mode manually, and there are 21 settings to choose from in the LS85’s menu. Old standards such as Portrait, Landscape, Sports, and Candlelight are in the mix, but there are also some unique modes, such as Aerial Photo (for taking pictures through airplane windows), Fireworks, Food, and a High Speed Burst mode that reaches up to 5 shots per second at the lowest-resolution setting.

Panasonic PT-AE700U LCD Projector Lincoln NE

PT-AE500U front LCD projector made waves with its low price and improved color rendering. Now, Panasonic has followed up with the PT-AE700U in Lincoln, which is more than just an upgrade.

Panasonic PT-AE700U LCD Projector Review Lincoln NE

The PT-AE700U offers a clean, simple layout with a minimal connector complement. The HDMI interface replaces an earlier DVI connector on the PT-AE500U and is strictly for use with DVD players and set-top receivers in Lincoln. You won't find any on-board speakers or audio inputs and outputs.

Panasonic PT-DW7000U Lincoln NE

Panasonic's PT-DW7000U front DLP projector is the successor to the earlier, low-cost D7500 and D7600 designs. This model is equipped with three widescreen (16:9) custom DMDs you won't find in any other projector in Lincoln.

Passive Monitors and Dual-Mode Consoles Lincoln NE

Products like Precision 6 and Precision 8 passive studio monitors from Tannoy and MH2 dual-mode performance console from Soundcraft are introduced in the follwing article. Read on to learn more about these product available in Lincoln.

Patriot Warp Solid State Drive Lincoln NE

Patriot Warps ahead with their V2 Warp SSD. If you want to know more about this solid state drive and the functions and features it has to offer, read on for a review.

Pedagogy and AV Technology Lincoln NE

Pro AV technology has always had a close relationship with teaching and training. Even before the electronic age, the AV industry in Lincoln was in large part driven by education.

Peer Review - HME DX200 Lincoln NE

The HME DX200 is intuitive and easy to operate compared with other products in Lincoln. The headsets, which are light-weight and comfortable, feature cabling that's reinforced at the connector to prevent premature breakage. The belt packs are small, light weight (7.4 ounces with a battery pack), and quite rugged.

Pentax Optio Cameras Lincoln NE

Pentax beefed up its ultracompact, entry-level , and waterproof camera lines today with the announcement of three point-and-shoot models in Lincoln. Read on and find more informantion.

Pentax Optio E70 Lincoln NE

Pentax’s Optio E70 is a compact, intuitive, and fun camera in Lincoln that is a cinch to use. It fits easily in your pocket, and it has enough modes to handle whatever lighting or subjects you encounter. While chock-full of features, this streamlined model is also great for beginning photographers who just want an inexpensive camera for snapping reasonably good digital photos.

Plex Media Center Software Lincoln NE

If you have an even moderately large media library and like the idea of having everything neatly catalogued and readily available at the press of a button, or if you simply like watching high-definition movies, then you should try Plex in Lincoln.

PowerPoint Tips Lincoln NE

Tom Negrino picks his favorite tips for the popular presentation software—complete with some new tricks added by the recently-released Office Service Pack 2.

Professionally Printed Projects Lincoln NE

Creating the perfect business materials using desktop publishing software is a cinch, whether you're a design professional or a novice. Getting those projects off the computer screen and into the hands of your clients, however, can be a challenge.

Renkus-Heinz Iconyx Column Array Lincoln NE

Renkus-Heinz Iconyx loudspeaker technology provides very effective control of acoustic energy, which is essential in difficult acoustic spaces, without sacrificing the sound quality clients expect from any well designed speaker system. Read on to learn more about it in the market in Lincoln.

Schedule It Review Lincoln NE

If you're looking for exceptional employee scheduling software that's inexpensive, easy-to-use and loaded with features—and you don't need reporting capabilities—then Schedule It may be right up your alley.

Shortening Java Programming Time with JavaRebel Lincoln NE

For programmers only: Change your Java code and keep on running without redeployment. Read on and know more.

SIM2 HT3000 HOST Projectors Lincoln NE

Grand Cinema HT30000 HOST, a well-known product in Lincoln, combines the flexibility of modular design with the video performance of the most recent DLP 1080p chipset within a compact cabinet and an outboard video input processor that connects via SIM2's three-line optical-digital High-Definition Optical Signal Transfer (HOST) system.

Snapact Photo Manager Lincoln NE

If you take tons of digital photos--and you know you do- it's only natural to want to share them with friends and family. But even with a plethora of free online photo galleries, you're still stuck managing two sets of photo archives in Lincoln.

Solving an iChat Login Issue on Certain Routers Lincoln NE

Some routers, including certain Netgear models, may have problems logging into iChat. Here's one possible fix for the problem.

Television Technology Lincoln NE

When the first handheld portable televisions began appearing several decades ago in Lincoln, the world was not convinced. Nowadays, television has grown to include HDTV, online streaming, and plasma TVs.

The Blu-ray Disc Players Lincoln NE

Blu-ray's star is rising fast, for good reason. The high-def video format remains the best and most consistent way to take full advantage of a 1080p high-definition television. Armed with a capable player and an HDTV with a surround-sound system, you can create your own home theater paradise in Lincoln.

Things to Do after a Hard Drive Crash Lincoln NE

Computer hard drive crashes can be catastrophic. They can range in scope from a few corrupted files to the whole enchilada; often the most costly casualty being lost, and often irreplaceable, data.

Troubleshoot Internet Connection Lincoln NE

To figure that out, you have to look at four components of your Internet connection: your local area network (LAN), the gateway (typically a router) that connects your LAN to your broadband modem, the modem itself, and the wide area network (WAN) that connects that modem to your ISP in Lincoln.

Turbo.264 HD Lincoln NE

Elgato's Turbo.264 HD in Lincoln speeds up QuickTime-compatible video encoding on slow and fast Macs but trades speed for a measure of quality. Like the original Turbo.264, the HD model is designed to speed up video encoding.

TVs for Gamers Lincoln NE

Televisions, like people, come in all shapes and sizes; and some shapes and sizes are better suited for specific things in Lincoln. But when a gamer goes looking for a TV that will give them the most complete Halo experience, they’ve got to know a little about what they are looking for.

Understanding Faxes Lincoln NE

The large, cumbersome fax machines that first came on the market could take over five minutes to receive a single page of a fax. Today's models are advanced enough to simultaneously send and receive faxes, usually at a rate of several pages a minute. Find out more about how this office machine works in Lincoln and why it may or may not be going the way of the dodo.

Understanding Graphic File Formats Lincoln NE

Graphics formats are how images are compressed and stored for transfer to other places. Understanding the different types and how they work will help you choose which graphics and formats are best suited to your needs.

Understanding Viruses Lincoln NE

Anyone with even a small amount of computer experience has heard of computer viruses. Even with no knowledge of how a virus functions, the word strikes fear into the heart of computer owners.

Xingtone Ringtone Creator Review Lincoln NE

Xingtone Ringtone Creator is one of the few ringtone creation programs that allows you record your own sounds-such as your voice-for original ringtones in Lincoln. You can also import saved sound files to edit into new ringtones.