Kingmax DDR-333 PC2700 Memory Lincoln NE

With newer motherboards coming out all the time and faster chipsets being par for the course, there just has to be a way for memory to keep up. To following article is a review of a 256MB stick of Kingmax DDR-333 memory.

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Kingmax DDR-333 PC2700 Memory


Based in Taipei, Taiwan, Kingmax Memory has grown to the become the largest memory producer for the Taiwan and East Asian markets. Kingmax's ties have also been strong in Australia growing to become the largest memory source ever to the Australian public.

Kingmax Technology was founded in 1989 and is listed among Taiwan's Top 200 manufacturers (Commonwealth Magazine, May 2000), and is a leading manufacturer of memory modules. Aside from the Taiwan based manufacturing facilities, the company's American, Chinese, Australian and Dutch workforce consists of over 390 employees, and this is just the head offices. Production facilities employ four times this amount to produce the high quality Kingmax memory modules many Australians use in their PC's.

Kingmax has gained ISO-9001 certification and developed business partnerships with top enterprises and organizations in the IT industry. A global leader in DRAM memory products, Kingmax announced the world's first memory module with TinyBGA packaging technology in 1997. The award winning TinyBGA package allowed the company's PC-133 DRAM module to triple memory capacity up to 512 MB while maintaining a small one inch form factor. Kingmax has also created 1GB StackBGA modules for use in high-end servers and workstations. This allowed them to use 1GB of memory on the same PCB space as the 512MB modules, maintaining its small one inch form factor. With the market swinging the overclockers' way, Kingmax have pushed their memory fabrication process towards making faster and more stable memory at insane clock speeds, like the PC166 SDRAM. With the release of the VIA KT266, SIS 735, ALi MagiK 1 and the AMD 760 chipsets supporting DDR SDRAM, Kingmax were there once again with PC2100 DDR SDRAM with overclocking beyond that of any other memory manufacturer.

Now with the Advent of SiS 645, ALi Magik2, SiS 745 and VIA's KT333 chipsets due very shortly, Kingmax have already pulled all their strings to get the Kingmax DDR-333 PC2700 memory module to market .

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