Managing the Employee's Expectations Omaha NE

Managing employee's expectations in Omaha is composed of open and honest communication with members of your team, as well as strong listening skills to what is important to your employees.

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Managing the Employee's Expectations

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Are You Managing Your Employee's Expectations?

Author: Pat Brill

Copyright (c) 2009 Pat Brill

Managing employee's expectations is composed of open and honest communication with members of your team, as well as strong listening skills to what is important to your employees.

What areas do managers need to communicate to their team?

∗∗Performance of the company

∗∗Company and department goals

∗∗Industry changes

∗∗Compensation and career expectations

∗∗New hires - performance standards for your department

∗∗Ongoing performance feedback to each member of your team.

Employees want to contribute to the growth of the company. If you have concerns that knowing the company's performance could create anxiety in your employees...don't worry because if there is a problem, they know already, but just don't have the specifics.

If you don't have all the specifics let your employees know and indicate you will follow up as soon as you have more information.

==>Where do managers need to focus their listening skills?

Managing employee's expectations doesn't mean only to 'keep their expectations realistic'...though that is important. Rather it's about interacting with each employee to know what he or she expects from his or her job, from you and from the company. Each person has their own work expectations and it's your job to know what they want.

I'm not sharing anything new because you have already bumped into employees who are focus on their work environment, compensation, and careers.

==>Why is it important to manage employee's expectations?

∗∗Employees are part of the quality of your product or service. Just as you spend time understanding the competitive environment for your product or service, knowing what your employees want, what motivates them, and how you can be a part of meeting those expectations is part of managing employees.

∗∗Knowledge is critical to growth of a company and who has the knowledge...your employees.

∗∗Business environments are more competitive, and so is your ability to retain top talent. Employees recognize when a manager is supporting them in their expectations.

∗∗Top Talent is anyone who performs their responsibilities with enthusiasm, know how and with the drive to do their best. No matter what their position is within your company, you want to keep them.

==>What to Do

∗∗Make it a priority to meet with each person every quarter. A year is just too could lose them before their performance review or right after they receive their bonus.

∗∗Share important information with them on a regular basis about the department and company.

∗∗Always tell the truth and your employees will trust you. Trust is something you can't buy, and yet once you have it, you can build a great department.

∗∗If you can't share confidential information at this time, tell them. Though don't make everything you do confidential or employees will catch on real quick.

∗∗Be open to flexible options - with technology employees can perform their responsibilities anywhere and at any time.

==>Final Thought

Managing employees is about setting priorities and standards for your team, providing important information about the company, and actively understanding what your employees expect from you and the company. Know your employees... or your competitors will find an opening for them.

About the Author:

Pat Brill is the author of the blog "Managing Employees" . You can reach her at .

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