Marine Displays from Planar Lincoln NE

The LX0801PTI, LX1201PTI (shown), and LX1501PTI are the first marine display products in Lincoln for specialty display solutions provider Planar Systems.

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Marine Displays from Planar

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Source: PRO AV News Service
Publication date: March 26, 2008

By ProAV Staff

The LX0801PTI, LX1201PTI (shown), and LX1501PTI are the first marine display products for specialty display solutions provider Planar Systems.

According to the company, the LX Mariner series products are open architecture, weatherproofed displays that enable greater flexibility for manufacturers and their customer to use a growing number of software choices, rather than the proprietary, closed systems to which they were previously limited. The 8-inch, 12-inch, and 15-inch options integrate touch-screen technology, allowing users to better interact with screen data. Additional features include a 600:1 contrast ratio, infrared touch, anti-glare coated cover glass, and an IP65 waterproof enclosure.

Faria Marine Instruments, a marine product and instrument manufacturer, selected the LX1201PTI for use in its Maestro touch-screen navigation and command centers.

"The LX Mariner series is a skillful demonstration of how Planar applies its 25 years of display and engineering expertise to address varying customer challenges," said Doug Barnes, general manager and vice president of Planar's industrial business unit. "We look forward to bringing this expertise to a broader product line for the marine industry."

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