Norton Ghost Review Omaha NE

Norton Ghost is an excellent disk imaging program. When it come to thinking about customer in Omaha, Norton Ghost makes finding answers about their disk imaging process simple and easy. Norton can save you time and resources by allowing incremental backups.

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Norton Ghost Review

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TopTenREVIEWS - Bronze Award - Awarded for excellence in design, useability and feature set

Our "TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award Winner" Norton Ghost 9.0 by Symantec, has a well-rounded feature set and can perform basic computer utility functions as well as disk imaging, but the selling point for Norton is that it's easy for anyone to use.

Norton Ghost wasn't our top pick because it doesn't offer as many utility features as Acronis True Image-for example, you can't partition and format drives-but Norton does offer a good variety of quality tools for disk imaging.

Feature Set:  Very Good

Norton lets you limit the number of backups saved for each drive, and you can choose to copy only the clusters and sectors that contain data or the entire drive. Once you've used Norton Ghost to create an image, you can do a hot backup in Windows-this was convenient.

If you're on a network, you can request an email notice whenever there is any major activity taking place with your backup—a security measure if you don't have the backup secured with a password.

While Norton has some impressive abilities, we were disappointed that the software is limited when it comes to creating, formatting, or deleting a partition or drive. You'll have to purchase additional utility products for these tasks, such as Disk Partitioning Magic. Both programs are packaged together and sold as the Norton System Works Suite.

Ease of Use:  Excellent

Each function of the control panel has brief description, and Norton Ghost has a simple, wizard-based control panel to help beginners find their way around. Those with disk imaging experience can get up to speed quickly on Norton's offerings with the advanced view, which reveals more detail. The program also has tabbed views of backup history and other events for easy reference.

The latest version of Norton Ghost works only with newer Windows operating systems, so if you use Windows 98 or an older version you can't use Norton Ghost 9.0. Instead, you must install the Norton Ghost  (which comes with the Norton Ghost 9.0 boxed product).

Backup/Restore Process:  Very Good

Norton Ghost does a fine job creating a disk image and did particularly well imaging to CD, where other disk imaging products stumbled. We created a backup to about a dozen CDs in 43 minutes and a backup to a network drive in 19 minutes.

Norton Ghost estimates the time remaining for the backup, but does not break down the backup or offer more in-depth information during the process like some disk imaging programs do.

Restoring the backup using Norton is more tedious then with most disk imaging software. The system restore disk is slow and we had trouble restoring an image from a network drive. The program required a user name and password, yet had not provided a screen for us to enter these earlier. We did, however, like the convenience of restoring individual files or folders directly from Windows-restoring the entire image isn't required.

Help/Support:  Excellent

Norton Ghost has some excellent recourse files. The program offers a startup tutorial upon installation, and control panel links that explain topics like backing up your drive, restoring files and more. From the Norton website, you can check the extensive knowledge base, fill out a free online customer support form and check for free updates.

Norton offers a separate email support address, but this is difficult to find. Also, Norton charges a pricy fee for telephone customer support.


Norton Ghost is an excellent disk imaging program. When it come to thinking about customer, Norton Ghost makes finding answers about their disk imaging process simple and easy. Norton can save you time and resources by allowing incremental backups, and the program is versatile.

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