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Pets Lincoln NE

Find expert advice on how to care for and provide for your pet, from birds, cats, dogs, fish, exotic pets and more. Find information on training, breeding, grooming, veterinary care, and general pet care that will keep your pet happy and healthy.

Kitten Care Lincoln NE

Although cats are known for being more self sufficient compared to dogs, kittens are probably an entirely different matter—especially if you plan to keep as pets. Dogs are easily amiable, and it is rather easy to turn them into pets that will be loyal to its owners, cats and kittens, most especially, are different.

Veterinarians Lincoln NE

Veterinarians, or Doctors of Veterinary Medicine, are the doctors who provide medical care for animals. A majority of veterinarians specialize in pet medicine and treat dogs, cats, and other small, domesticated animals. However, some other specialties include, but are not limited to livestock medicine, equine medicine, and reptile medicine. A couple of the more common procedures veterinarians provide are declawing, spaying, and neutering. Veterinarians typically work out of an animal clinic or animal hospital. To take care of all your pet health needs, see below to locate a veterinarian in Lincoln, NE.