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Pontiac Fiero Overheats Lincoln NE

The following contains automobile information you should know about what to do when the Pontiac Fiero overheats. If you or a loved one is interested in dealing with automobile issues and concerns in Lincoln, read the following.

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Pontiac Fiero Overheats

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Reader Question
Hello: I'm 56 yrs old and I'm a disabled mechanic from GMC Buick. My specialties are Automatics Transmissions. I hurt myself on the job May 2005.

I purchase a 1986 Pont Fiero 2.5 engine and 5 speed Manual from the dealership I was working at for $200.00 in 2004. They said the had been siting there for at least a yr. I installed a new battery and prime the throttle body and started it right up. Drove around the block (less then a mile) then started restoring it at the dealership in my spare time.

With the help of other mechanics that were familiar working on Fieros. I did buy Haynes repair manual which was my best investment. I did a compression check and all cylinder were within 5 pounds. It smoked a little when starting up which were the guides and I was going to do a valve job.

Once the head off, the cylinders look in perfect condition. i installed new water pump, New Alt, new lifers and push rods, replace computer and all sensors and relays. install brakes, Install new shocks and struts and tires.Had the alignment man do a alignment. Replaced all the oils, fluids and coolant. Learning how the flush and bleed the coolant system was a trip.

The last time I did a coolant flush, being some what experience with Fiero's, it still takes me almost 2 hours. Anyway the car was in perfect condition now, with a 10 gallon tank the car got 32 miles to the gallon and 25 miles in town, it was cheap to fill up with gas. I gave the car to my wife and it been her toy ever since.

The car started leaking water and I thought it was coming from a freeze plug. Being disabled I took it to shop who said their mechanic had worked on many of Fiero's and he knew what he was doing. They quoted me $500.00 out the door to replace the freeze plugs install new Alt/water pump belt and do and L.O.F. I agreed.

The next day the service adviser called me and said it was my cooling tubes that needed replacing and I needed a starter. The price out the door would be $639.91 I could pick up the car on Friday 09/14/07. On Friday, I took my wife to get her Fiero. It's 5.2 miles to our home, I follow her home.

I notice the brake cable was hanging but everything else looked good. Once home, my wife told me that she smelled something burning. I ask how was the temp Gage (I installed mechanical water & temp gages) and she didn't notice the Gage. I told her that it was probably the grease burning off the exhaust because they just worked on it.

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