Preventing Frost in Freezer Lincoln NE

At this day and age, it doesn’t seem as if freezer frost is still actually a problem. However, this is actually the kind of mentality that causes a simple problem to become more serious than it actually is.

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Preventing Frost in Freezer

At this day and age, it doesn’t seem as if freezer frost is still actually a problem. However, this is actually the kind of mentality that causes a simple problem to become more serious than it actually is. In any case, freezer frost can be a problem, and you need to do something about it in case it actually starts becoming a problem. So what do you do with freezer frost and what you should you in preventing freezer from building up frost? Should you hire a freezer service specialist to solve the problem or are there are that you can do yourself? Here are some tips to prevent frost in freezers.

Freezer frost prevention

Basically, freezer frost prevention is important because the frost build up can actually decrease the usefulness of your freezer in the long run. It can eventually destroy or freezer and even cause fire due to mechanical problems due to the freezer frost build up. You can try to regularly remove the frost, but that isn’t actually prevention; what you’re simply doing it defrosting your freezer, leaving yourself in a situation wherein you’’ have to do it over and over again. You need to do actual, concrete freezer frost prevention steps if you want your freezer to be clean and to prevent freezer burn on your food.

Of course, if you already have an existing freezer frost build up, what you should do first is clean it up. You can start the prevention if the problem is still there, possibly doing damage to your freezer. First off, remove food items with freezer burn or ice build up. Are any of these food items still edible? If not, throw them out. Once all the items are removed, you can start by chipping off the ice build up. If you wait for it to melt, it could take some time. Some actually use hair drier to make the frost removal faster. This is very wise, since waiting for the frost to melt can take hours—literally! Once done, dry out the freezer. Make sure the freezer is really dry; otherwise, you’re only initiating the start of a new freezer frost build up. After the clean up, of course, you are now ready for the tips to prevent frost in freezers.

The number one cause of freezer build up is the constant opening of the freezer. You may think that this is absurd, and that opening the freezer can help melt the ice. However, that’s not exactly the case. What you’re doing is bringing in the moisture.

To understand this further, freezer frost works this way: it starts due to moisture. When you open the freezer door, you let warm air come in. Once you close the door, this warm air turns into moisture and provides some kind of wetness inside the freezer. Since the freezer’s air is, well, freezing, it wetness turns into frost. Of course, when this happens once, the moisture and the freezer frost build up do not seem significant enough to make an actual change. However, imagine when this happens constantly. The moisture will then become significant enough to actually turn into frost.

Therefore, it is best to keep the freezer door closed. This isn’t possible all the time, so make sure you open it as briefly as possible, to minimize the moisture coming from the outside.

Another way to preventing freezer from building up frost is to take note of the items you place in the freezer. For instance, you take out a container of meat. When you take it out, it’s natural that it will have most moisture of melted ice. However, what you shouldn’t do with this container is return it to the freezer as is. Instead, get a paper towel and dry the container before you place it back inside the freezer. This way, you minimize the water you actually place in the freeze, hence preventing freezer from building up frost.

Make sure your freezer’s gasket is working properly as well. Is the cold air getting out and the warm air getting in? Again, this is another source of moisture and freezer frost build up. In this case, call a freezer service specialist in order to fix this problem. But before calling the freezer service provider, try cleaning the gasket first. Perhaps a good clean would enclose your freezer better, hence preventing freezer from building up frost.

If possible, however, it is best to control the humidity of the room in order to prevent freezer frost. Technically, you won’t simply be doing this for preventing freezer from building up frost, since humidity can also damage a lot of parts of your house. In any case, a dehumidifier can help if the freezer frost is becoming to much to handle. Simply install the dehumidifier in the kitchen so you will be able to control the humidity.

Most freezers have thermostats too. In this case, adjust that to prevent freezer frost build up. If ice is building up on your food, your freezer’s temperature is probably too high. Of course, try not to set it too low as you might end up spoiling your food. Strangely enough, old refrigerators tend to suffer from freezer frost build up, so try to assess whether you need to upgrade it and buy a new one. In this case, you can consider buying a frost-free freezer. A frost-free freezer as a self-adjusting thermostat, so it wouldn’t be too cold to start the build up of frost but still cold enough to properly keep the food.

If you are going to buy a new refrigerator, buy the frost-free freezer model; the price difference shouldn’t be too big. And even if it is somewhat significant, it helps you save time (since you wouldn’t have to clean up the freezer frost every so often) and money (since you wouldn’t risk your freezer due to the frost). But if you cannot buy a new one, these tips to prevent freezer frost should be sufficient enough.